Explore with self-determination,

trust and cooperation.

About Us

Trailblazers Outdoor Adventure provides opportunities for members to take part

in many type of exciting and challenging outdoor adventures year-round:

Camping/hiking/backpacking/mountain biking/snowshoeing/

skiing/shelter building/canoeing and much more...


Season's calendar with organized events;

Event ratings and comment sections;

Discussion forums (message board);

Photo and Video recorded outings;

Members’ discount from sponsors.

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Upcoming events are listed

under our calendar section.


Our message boards provides

planning, tips and policies.


Our Mission

Document the beauty of Manitoba's four season wilderness, while highlighting the importance of environmental sustainability, climate change, and our ability to adapt.

As a result, most events are video recorded and photographed.

This group prides itself in the joy of exploring the outdoors with the ability to accomplish challenging terrain through self-determination, trust and cooperation.

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